Knowledge Management (KM) systems collect and synthesize data to provide training, situational awareness and/or decision support to end users. DCS systems and software engineers have developed a variety of powerful KM applications, beginning with concept definition through software sustainment.

Our expertise spans the following task areas:

bpm1Business Process Modeling (BPM)

DCS works with process practitioners to model existing processes and identify potential improvements using structured approaches such as LEAN and Six Sigma. We provide modeling tool system administration and process model configuration management. We couple BPM with modeling and simulation to help our customers envision the advantages and pitfalls of process changes under consideration. Our full spectrum BPM approach saves our customers time and money by facilitating the resolution of process issues and conflicts prior to full process implementation.

concept1Concept Definition

Our engineers, analysts and technicians use rapid prototyping, working side by side with our customers, to rapidly develop simulations of user interfaces, systems interfaces or other key aspects of future knowledge management systems. The prototyping process allows end-users to visualize the impacts of requirements decisions, speeds the process of defining system requirements and results in systems which better meet end-user needs.

AI1Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our engineers use techniques such as expert systems and neural networks to develop intelligent systems able to rapidly assimilate data and provide the human user with customizable dashboards of critical information. Our AI systems are designed to assist, not replace, the human decision maker by presenting situations and alternative courses of actions in a graphical manner to allow faster response and higher-quality decisions.

DocManagement1Document Management

DCS has developed several web-based document management systems featuring powerful search engines, sophisticated access control, configuration management and automated archival features.

workflow-automation1Workflow Automation

We use the results of business process modeling to automate recurring processes and improve efficiency. Examples of our workflow applications include Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) delivery and review, task assignment and tracking, visit request and visitor tracking, expenditure reimbursement request and approval process and other document routing and approval processes. 


concept1Information Assurance

We develop the technology and documentation required to achieve knowledge management system certification in accordance with the DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP). We maintain secure data centers in our own facilities and in customer facilities.


data-mining1Database Management Systems (DBMS)

Our engineering staff performs data modeling, data mining, and database design to support data-intensive systems using commercial object-oriented or relational DBMS tools. We develop simulations of DBMS performance to predict expected performance, and perform periodic analysis of performance bottlenecks to improve response times. We develop embedded queries and reports as well as middleware to isolate application software from the underlying DBMS implementation.


web-based-icon1Web-based and Web-enabled Applications

Our systems are able to work with a variety of user interfaces (Windows, X-Windows, Web browser, etc.) across a LAN, WAN or the worldwide-web. By isolating the business logic of the knowledge management system from the user interface, we are able to rapidly adapt KM systems to evolving user interface standards and technologies.


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"I enjoy working at DCS because of the nature of the work that we do...I find the work exciting, challenging and innovative. "

Tommy, Software Engineer at DCS