Signature Analysis

A “signature” is the scientific understanding of how an object appears throughout the electro-magnetic spectrum. The signature includes its visible color, ultra-violet reflectivity, infrared emission characteristics and radar reflectivity. You must know a military object’s signature to determine how detectable that object is to a range of threat sensors. DCS has long experience in the measurement and modeling of signatures and the development of countermeasures (CMs) to minimize vehicle signatures. We have developed models of missile plume signatures: HALT-R (High Altitude Laser Transmission and Radiance) and MPLUME (Missile Plume). We have also developed a signature optimization model that integrates with widely used signature codes: SPIRITS, GTSIG and PRISM. We have created a camouflage pattern design tool, Camo-TK.


  • Increase system survivability by minimizing the detectability of combat vehicles
  • Design countermeasure systems
  • Design missile detection systems

Electro-Optical Technology

Virtually all modern weapons systems rely to some extent on electro-optical technologies. For over 30 years, DCS has been in the business of evaluation and development of electro-optical technologies for the US military. This expertise includes evaluation of the performance of all types of imaging sensors, from UV to far infrared wavebands. We also perform modeling, simulation and trade studies of various laser systems: LADARs, laser designators, laser countermeasures and laser communication systems. We also develop breadboard/demonstration sensor systems and perform laboratory and field-testing with those sensors.

EO Signature Measurements

On-site staff provides engineering support to two ARL laboratory facilities at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico.
Electro-Optical Vulnerability Facility

Optical Characterization Measurements

  • Minimum Resolvable Temperature Differences
  • Optical Transfer Functions
  • Modulation Transfer Functions
  • Spectral Transmission Range
  • Detector Responsivity
  • Optical Density
Electronic Warfare Signatures Measurement Facility

Signature Measurement Capability

  • UV through Far-IR Band Radiometers
  • Near and Far-IR Spectrometric Instruments
  • Visible through Far-IR Imagers
  • Tracking Mounts for High Speed Targets Applications for Signature Measurements
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