DCS has an extensive Systems Engineering Handbook to guide the implementation of sound Systems Engineering processes and practices. We are actively involved in the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and serve as reviewers of applicants for INCOSE CSEP and ESEP certifications.

DCS systems engineering support includes systems analysis, research, development, engineering, testing, test equipment and instrumentation design, fabrication, maintenance, mission simulation and interoperability assurance.



Our systems engineers execute tasks in the areas of:

  • requirements definition and analysis
  • functional analysis
  • architecture design
  • requirements allocation
  • flow down and traceability
  • system implementation
  • integration
  • V&V
  • transition
  • decision analysis
  • technical planning technical assessment
  • requirements management
  • risk management
  • configuration management
  • technical data management
  • interface management



Benefits to Our Customers

Our systems engineers transform complex technical problems into implementable solutions. We carefully define and consider customer requirements to design and build successful systems. Our engineers identify which solutions will meet system requirements, effectively evaluate the available alternatives, and select the best options that balance technical performance, cost, schedule, risk, and growth potential for the system. We apply continuous control and management oversight to the project during development, while considering the customer’s needs and affordability in every decision throughout the system life cycle. DCS is a strong advocate of designing and building “tomorrow’s capabilities within today’s budget.”

Our systems engineering approach delivers high-quality, affordable products and services on time and with the correct performance features to our war fighters.



Systems Engineering examples include:

  • Providing systems, software, electrical and mechanical engineering to progress the design, development, integration and test of MRAP Requirements analyses.
  • Supporting the Navy with full-spectrum systems engineering and test for the F/A-18, AV-8B, F-22, Joint Strike Fighter, and H-1 aircraft, Unmanned Air Systems, and associated weapons systems. Systems engineers provide component and systems level test development and analysis, software development, and software validation and verification; integration of weapons, avionics, sensors and targeting systems hardware and software; software engineering and software development for aircraft avionics, sensors and targeting systems, weapons, and mission and system support equipment; and aircraft test instrumentation and telemetry design, development, installation, maintenance, service, setup and operation.
  • Supporting Pre-Milestone A program planning to ensure Systems Engineering is included right from the start. Numerous studies have documented the benefits of early Systems Engineering, and DCS’s Corporate Systems Engineering Handbook contains the key activities necessary to maximize the benefits of early Systems Engineering.
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"I enjoy working at DCS because of the nature of the work that we do...I find the work exciting, challenging and innovative. "

Tommy, Software Engineer at DCS