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If you have the education and experience to work in the areas described for the Fighter Bomber Cross-Cutter Task Order, and you are not currently supporting it, please check the DCS “CAREERS” link below for open Fighter Bomber Cross-Cutter positions. We are always interested in hearing from highly motivated and qualified candidates interested in supporting this exciting program. Our primary focus in the coming few months is to work with qualified Fighter Bomber Cross-Cutter incumbents who will be given priority consideration in filling the Fighter Bomber Cross-Cutter Task Order positions. Once that is accomplished, our efforts will turn to filling any vacant positions from those that have applied to the positions posted on our website. We very much welcome receiving applications from interested individuals at that time.

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Keep informed with current information and updates about the, Fighter Bomber Cross-Cutter transition. While we will attempt to keep this website current and up-to-date with information about the, Fighter Bomber Cross-Cutter transition, we’ll be happy to also email you whenever new information is posted. Simply click the link below and enter your contact information.

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