Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are currently available at DCS Corp?
How do I apply for a position at DCS Corp?
Why do I have to register to apply for a position?
If I do not have a resume, may I fill out an application?
May I send my resume by fax or mail?
May I submit multiple versions of my resume?
How long will my resume be searchable in your applicant system?
Why am I prompted to fill out additional information when I apply for some positions but not for others?
If a position requires a clearance, do I need a clearance to start the position or will DCS Corp help me to obtain my clearance?
Is it possible for me to get my own clearance?
May I submit a cover letter, addressed to a specific individual, with my resume?
How do I know if you have received my resume via the online application form?
After I submit my resume to DCS Corp, will I receive a response?
Will my resume be shared for other positions I may not have applied for, but for which I am qualified?
Will you notify me if there are new positions that match my skill-set?
Can I update my candidate profile after submitting my resume?
How do I complete an extended application?
How long will my application be active in the DCS Corp applicant system?
Can I submit my information without applying for a position?
Will I be notified if the position has been filled?

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Carrie, Senior Technical Recruiter at DCS