Frequently Asked Questions

What positions are currently available at DCS Corp?
Our dynamic environment means that the positions available change frequently. Positions currently available with DCS can be found through the customizable Position Search page.
How do I apply for a position at DCS Corp?
To apply for a position with DCS, please use the Position Search page to identify possibilities available to you. You will have the opportunity to apply on each individual position listing you review.
Why do I have to register to apply for a position?
DCS requires a unique login for each candidate to avoid a duplication of records, and ensure accuracy of all data.
If I do not have a resume, may I fill out an application?
Each application must be accompanied by a resume file.
May I send my resume by fax or mail?
The preferred method of application is via the Position Search pages; however, DCS Corp accepts resumes via fax or mail.
May I submit multiple versions of my resume?
DCS Corp stores one version of a resume at a time. If you are contacted regarding a position, you will have the opportunity to send a tailored resume directly to your Recruiter.
How long will my resume be searchable in your applicant system?
Your resume will be searchable by DCS Recruiters for twelve months.
Why am I prompted to fill out additional information when I apply for some positions but not for others?
Each position has different requirements. You may be required to answer prescreen questions depending on the career you would like to pursue.
If a position requires a clearance, do I need a clearance to start the position or will DCS Corp help me to obtain my clearance?
DCS will facilitate transfer of clearances and assist in applying for clearances. Often, a clearance is required on the first day of employment. Each position posted will indicate if a clearance is required, and the level of clearance necessary for the position.
Is it possible for me to get my own clearance?
You must be sponsored by an organization (DCS Corp) to obtain a clearance. You cannot obtain a clearance on your own.
May I submit a cover letter, addressed to a specific individual, with my resume?
The application allows for the submission of a cover letter. The letter may be addressed to the Hiring Manager; it does not need to be directed to a named individual.
How do I know if you have received my resume via the online application form?
Immediately following the submission of your application, you will be taken to a confirmation screen indicating that your resume was received.
After I submit my resume to DCS Corp, will I receive a response?
When you have successfully applied for a position with DCS, you will receive a confirmation email thanking you for your resume submission.
Will my resume be shared for other positions I may not have applied for, but for which I am qualified?
Yes, the Recruiter reviewing your resume will also review your experience against other requirements and submit your resume to other hiring managers for positions you have not directly applied for, but for which you may be qualified.
Will you notify me if there are new positions that match my skill-set?
Your resume will remain active in our database for twelve months. If a new position opens, you will be submitted to the hiring manager based on your previous application.
Can I update my candidate profile after submitting my resume?
Yes, you may log into the Career Page after submission and update your resume and contact information at any time after submitting your resume.
How do I complete an extended application?
In the event that you meet the requirements for a position, you will be emailed by a DCS Recruiter and asked to complete the extended application.
How long will my application be active in the DCS Corp applicant system?
Your application will be searchable by DCS Recruiters for twelve months.
Can I submit my information without applying for a position?
No, you cannot submit your information without directly applying for an open position.
Will I be notified if the position has been filled?
You will be notified via email in the event that a position you have applied for is either closed or filled.

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