Business Excellence

Business Excellence is at the heart of everything that we do at DCS. We strive to exceed our customers’ expectations on a daily basis. Our commitment to business excellence is a hallmark of our culture. We continually strive to provide quality solutions and honest dealings to our customers, and we seek to give our employee-owners the tools they need to manage our company with efficiency, while allowing for the flexibility to meet our customers’ requirements.

Executive Team

Our executive leadership provides DCS with the breadth of experience required for effective and efficient corporate management.

Contracts & Ethics

Integrity is a cornerstone of the DCS culture. We are dedicated to applying a consistent standard of ethics to all of our business relationships.

Commitment to Quality

Our Quality Management System, which is registered to ISO 9001:2015, allows for continual improvement and ensures our ability to apply consistent management standards across each of our business sectors.

Executive Team

Each DCS corporate officer contributes significant industry experience to inform and guide the corporation in strategic initiatives and daily operations. Individual engineering, technical, military and business talents and expertise combine to form a comprehensive management team that embodies the culture and values of DCS. This ultimately contributes to our customers’ success.

Our corporate officers set an example for other employee-owners by never compromising on integrity—they consistently strive to make the best decisions possible for our customers, our employees, and our company. They actively support the development and empowerment of our employee-owners. As leaders of a privately-held company, they are able to make decisions quickly in response to customer needs, unencumbered by the expectations of outside investors. Our executive team is fully engaged in professional forums addressing issues in the Government services market to adjust to the current business environment, and to plan strategically for the future. Above all else, our corporate officers are committed to DCS’ independent status and ensuring our ability to provide the objectivity required to serve our customers as honest brokers, unencumbered by organization conflict of interest concerns.

James S. Benbow

Chief Executive Officer

Randolph T. Washington

President & Chief Operating Officer 

Thomas R. Fradette

Executive Vice President, Treasurer, & Chief Financial Officer

Curtis L. Schehr

Executive Vice President, Secretary, General Counsel, & Chief Ethics Officer

Amy Kirby

Vice President, Corporate Development

David Tamayo

Chief Information Officer

Operations Team

Larry M. Egbert

Executive Vice President & Sector Manager, Air-Sea Forces

Charles C. Faris

Executive Vice President & Sector Manager, Navy Weapons Systems Production & Deployment

William J. Protzman

Executive Vice President & Sector Manager, Army and Marine Corps

William M. Breedlove

Vice President, Special Programs (Infoscitex, a DCS company)

Lance W. Alsheimer

Vice President, Weapons & Ordnance

Patrick S. Blubaugh

Vice President, Advanced Weapons Laboratory Engineering Support

Mark G. Storch

Vice President, WSISS Engineering

Marianne Curren

Vice President, Joint Systems

Hilary J. Gill

Vice President, Decision Support

Timothy K. Lee

Vice President, Intelligent Systems

Nancy B. Mahoney

Vice President, AWL/IPT SW Engineering Support

Michael R. Smith

Vice President, Ground Vehicle Systems

Support Team

Dr. Murray B. Anderson

Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

Thomas J. Gallagher

Vice President, Contracts

Timothy H. Phelps

Vice President and Controller

Alice T. Weadon

Vice President, Security

Raul S. Sagun

Vice President, Business Development

Contracts & Ethics

Our contracts cover a wide range of national security and Department of Defense agencies that depend on our ability to maintain the highest standards of ethics and integrity. The superior technical and professional solutions we provide to our customers depend on our ability to build the right team, both internally and with our contract partners, to work on each of our contracts.

We are dedicated to meeting our obligation to customers and our contract teaming partners through fair dealings and open communication.

Commitment to Quality

At DCS, we believe quality is the key to ensuring our work and the solutions we provide customers will stand the test of time. We take a long view of our work and of our corporate growth. We don’t cut corners for the sake of expediency or to achieve some perceived short-term gain. We want to do the job right and we have developed tools and sought independent verification of our work to ensure that we are delivering the best quality results.

We developed a Quality Management System (QMS) internally to ensure that managers and process owners within each business area continually improve service to our customers. We understand that quality initiatives improve our business operations, drive down costs, and add long-term company value for our employee-owners. The QMS was initially registered to the ISO 9001:2000 standard in March of 2006. From 2006 to early in 2009, our executive team refined, strengthened, and expanded the scope of the QMS and our ISO registration across the company. The QMS was reregistered to the ISO 9001:2008 standard in 2009, 2012, and again in 2015.  On March 7, 2018 was registered to the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and today, 12 DCS facilities across the country maintain registration to the ISO 9001:2015 standard through March 2021. Our pursuit of business excellence is continual as we plan to expand the scope of our registration to include all DCS facilities.

Our focus on quality extends to the classified material that we are entrusted with. DCS has been the recipient of multiple DSS Cogswell Awards. This award is prestigious and won by fewer than 2% of all government contractors, recognizing our dedication to safeguarding classified information.

In addition to the quality initiatives that provide a direct benefit to our customers, we strive for quality in our internal processes and procedures for the benefit of our employee-owners. Our management team maintains an open-door policy that allows employee-owners to address concerns that may arise in a constructive and responsive environment.

"We are all owners. As owners, our feedback matters."    

Carrie, Senior Technical Recruiter at DCS