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The GSA MAS (Multiple Award Schedule) Consolidation is a result of GSA’s initiative to simplify the buying process for government agencies, the selling process for contractors, and the contract acquisition process as a whole. DCS’s MAS Contract combines our previous GSA IT Schedule (GS-35F-057GA) and Professional Services Schedule (G5-23F-0303K) into a single Contract.

The GSA schedule keeps documentation and paperwork to a minimum while determining best value in obtaining services and products to support your mission. In addition to this GSA schedule, DCS also holds numerous other contract vehicles for use. If you are unsure about how to place your contract work with DCS, please contact our contracts personnel directly.

Under our MAS Consolidated Schedule 47QRAA20D006W, DCS provides Information Technology and Other Professional Services which cover a variety of support, including but not limited to: systems development; analysis; automation; security; data conversion; management services; business administration services; financial services; logistical services; and, technical and engineering (Non IT) services to our customers.

GSA Ordering Process

GSA makes procuring DCS IT Equipment, Software, Business, and Professional Engineering Services quick and convenient. The ordering procedures have been simplied to allow Federal agencies to cut through red tape and drastically reduce paperwork.

  • Synopsized the procurement
  • Negotiated the contracts
  • Determined prices to be fair and reasonable
    • Met Competition in Contracting Act (CICA) requirements
    • Complied with all procurement regulations in establishing contracts

    This pre-qualification enables your Agency to keep its documentation and paperwork to a minimum while exercising its discretion in determining “best value” in obtaining services and products to support it’s mission.


    Ordering Process Details:

    Obtaining services is quick and easy. GSA has determined the prices on all of the Federal Supply Schedules to be fair and reasonable based on their competition prior to award (FAR 8.404).


    GSA Ordering Instructions

    1. Determine if this will be a BPA or task/purchase order.

    2. Develop a SOW in your agency format.

    3. Make best value selection (See FAR 8.4). FAR 8.4 leaves the “best value” determination up to the procuring agency. In addition to cost, other considerations may include:

    • Past Performance
    • Technical or Domain Expertise
    • Subject Matter Knowledge of Contractor Personnel
    • Delivery Schedule
    • Contractor Proximity to Your Location(s)
    • Management Approach

    These considerations represent only a few factors in your decision process. Ultimately, you decide what constitutes “best value” when purchasing IT and Professional Services to meet your unique needs.

    4. Submit package to ordering agency including the appropriate DCS GSA

    Schedule number. Additional information on preparing an order can be found:

    For additional information regarding DCS’s GSA MAS please contact:

    Cyndi Wessels, Contracts Manager

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