DCS Corp is actively engaged in the Research and Development of DoD unmanned air and ground systems. Unmanned systems play a critical role in the battlefield today and offer the potential of dramatically altering the future battlefield. They currently extend warfighter capabilities by allowing warfighters to observe, interact, and engage the enemy remotely from a safer position. With increased autonomy, they will offer the potential to team with warfighters and significantly reduce manpower requirements.



S&T Areas

DCS applies our expertise in several S&T areas through analysis, virtual-live simulation, prototyping, and testing, to include:

  • Tactical behaviors
  • Control
  • Collaborative operations (air-ground, manned-unmanned)
  • Weaponization
  • Integration into battle command systems
  • Interoperability standards

In support of these programs, our engineers have integrated control of many small and large scale robots into a wide variety of vehicle crewstations and hand held controllers for warfighter experiments. We provide systems engineering support to the Robotics Systems Joint Program Office and are active in addressing interoperability issues related to the growing inventory of unmanned systems.



Army Ground Vehicle ATOs

Our staff of engineers, analysts, and technicians plays an active role in the identification and maturation of emerging technologies for unmanned systems by supporting key Science and Technology programs and Army Technology Objectives (ATO). These programs address a wide array of areas critical to unmanned systems, to include:

  • Robotics Control
  • Robotics Vehicle Control Architecture
  • Mobility and Operational Performance through Autonomous Technologies
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